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My latest book titled What We Carry With Us, the words from a quote by Oscar Wilde: “Memory is the diary we all carry about with us,” is now available. This is the first book of a new series set in the heartland of America in the late 19th century.  Along with romance and mystery and despite the setting of a little town named New Hope in 1878 Nebraska, I hope the story gives the contemporary reader pause for thought about the role and the rule of memory, both to the good and the bad, in our lives.

My Laramie Series (2006-2014) of six books stretching in time from 1880 to 1919 is still available. In that series, peripheral characters in one story take center stage in another, yet each of the six novels manages to stand alone very nicely. You can start with any of the six novels and enjoy a perfectly good read. I plan to use the same technique in the New Hope Series.

The Dangerous Thaw of Etta Capstone, a stand-alone novel and personal favorite, came out in 2010.

I wrote a trio of shorter, light-hearted Victorian romances – Claire, After All, Listening to Abby, and Jubilee Rose – and in 2014 offered them to readers who wanted to read something fun with a touch of heartfelt romance and an unambiguously happy ending.

Magnificent Farewell is another stand-alone novel that commemorates World War I, admittedly from an American’s perspective (I am an American, after all) and is intended to offer solemn respect to all who served and suffered in “the war to end all wars.” At the same time, I wanted to try my hand at an anti-heroine, of sorts, and then decided to spice things up with a bit of mystery, too. You’ll be the judge of whether I was successful in any of those literary goals. Magnificent Farewell became available in November of 2015. You can find suggested book club discussion topics at the end of that book’s description under the “Karen’s Books” tab.  Magnificent Farewell lends itself to thoughtful conversation. The book was a change from my other novels, and I appreciated one male reader who liked it but admitted that it wasn’t a “Disney princess” kind of story.  That’s a wise man and he’s right on target.

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