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“The Laramie Series” (2006-2014) is made up of six books, peripheral characters in one story taking center stage in another, but each of the six novels managing to stand alone very nicely. You can start in the middle of the series and enjoy a perfectly good read. That said, there are purposeful shadows of Lily’s Sister, the first book, set in 1880, in Smiling at Heaven, the last book, set in 1919. You can read Smiling at Heaven without knowing a thing about Lily’s Sister, but the final book may be (MAY be) somewhat enriched by an initial introduction to Blessing, Kansas.

The Dangerous Thaw of Etta Capstone, a stand-alone novel and a personal favorite, came out in 2010.

I wrote a trio of shorter, light-hearted Victorian romances – Claire, After All, Listening to Abby, and Jubilee Rose – and in 2014 I offered them to readers that wanted to read something fun with a touch of heartfelt romance and an unambiguously happy ending.

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