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Meet The Penwarrens
Claire, After All ~ Listening to Abby ~ Jubilee Rose

If you look for me in Amazon’s Kindle and book stores, you will find six titles under my name. Five of them belong to The Laramie Series and the sixth is a stand alone titled The Dangerous Thaw of Etta Capstone. All six novels are first-person narratives by women in American historical settings and several of the books include real-life women of American’s past as part of the fictional plot line.

Coming soon – very soon – August and September soon – is a light-hearted trio of books that are nothing like my first six. The three books of The Penwarrens are set in Victorian England and are meant to be fun. Pure and simple ~ just plain fun. Life is serious and the news is a heartache. I enjoyed taking a break from it all, enjoyed leaving the somber behind for a while, enjoyed creating intelligent, engaging women who fall in love and (eventually) live happily ever after. No surprise ending…from the first chapter you’ll no doubt figure out who will end up with whom…but I hope you’ll find a few surprises and more than a few laughs along the way. In each book of The Penwarrens the trip itself and the people you meet as you travel are always more important than the final destination.

You’ll soon be able to find the three new books on Amazon, in the Amazon Kindle store, and at the CreateSpace publishing bookstore (click on store in the upper right hand corner and type in my last name.) Unfortunately my website is not yet set up to take orders for signed copies of “The Penwarrens.” That may happen by the end of the year.

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