Too, too bad that we will lose the Borders stores! Bookstores have such allure! Like libraries, the mystique of all those books – those characters, those adventures, all that information still to be discovered – is intoxicating. Don’t ya just love tables of discount books & the thrill of digging through them looking for a hidden gem? And then there are all those cookbooks and all those recipes waiting to be tried!

Well, for whatever reason – whether the rise of the ebook or the decline of reading in general or the bad economy or poor corporate planning on Borders’ part or the vast disconnect with the reading public by conglomerate publishers and literary agencies located on the periphery of the U.S. that remain totally, happily ignorant of the literary likes & dislikes of 85% of Americans – whatever the reason, I hate to see Borders go. It’s our loss. For all the refills at Panera’s, you just can’t beat the pleasure of sitting in the Borders cafe sipping a cup of Seattle’s Best surrounded by all those books!

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