Writing for Fun and Profit

…wait, better make that writing for fun because if it’s not fun I can’t believe there will be any profit (& truth be told, even if it is fun there’s no promise the profit will follow.) My website is newly designed & I have the ability to blog (short for web log…did you already know that?…ah, the things I’ve learned recently!) but that assumes I have anything interesting to say that’s non-fiction. I think I do – about passion & disappointment & rejection & joy & inner satisfaction & following one’s muse, to name a few – but saying it is one thing & having someone read it is another thing entirely. (that last phrase also depicts the fiction-writing process in general now that I see the words in print) So here’s where I start. I hope to use this blog as a tool to share with others what I’ve learned about writing over the last decade, all of it: the good, bad, ugly, uglier, & totally unbearable – not because I want (or need) to hear myself talk (I talk to myself all the time & believe me, it’s not all that exciting!) but because I hope that my experiences will help others in their quests for personal literary satisfaction.

‘So what can I do to help?’ you ask…(it’s likely you didn’t ask that, but I’ll tell you, anyway)…you can share my website and my blog address with others & link it on your facebook page or myspace location (do I know how to do that? No, but I intend to learn & if a technophobe such as myself can learn, SO CAN YOU!) If you know someone interested in writing or someone discouraged by rejections (literary or other) or someone curious about the reading & publishing environments, (& those parameters will include a lot of folks) give the person my website address & encourage her/him to check in now & then. And feel free to do the same yourself, even if you aren’t really curious about any of those topics. To paraphrase Hope Birdwell in Waiting for Hope: “I can do a lot with potatoes.” You have to read the book to understand the specific context but for me it means, ‘I can make a difference with just a little.’ And that’s my goal.

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