Characters You Like (~or not~)

When I look back with an objective eye (as objective as possible, anyway) at my 5 fictional female leads ~ Louisa, Hope, Katherine, Johanna, Dinah ~ the one constant I find in them is a strong element of belief in herself. Belief that she can make a difference in her own future, in her community, & in her world. In some respects they’re as different as night & day – Hope with one change of clothing to her name; Johanna with a fortune in the bank – but they have a sort of universal optimism that reflects the times in which they live. Since I didn’t consciously give these women that streak of bright & hopeful confidence, it probably means it’s a trait I admire.
Which is why I view setting Etta Capstone loose on the world with some trepidation. In her own way, Etta has a similar streak of hopefulness, though it’s much harder to find anything bright or optimistic in her. She’s had a terrible past, my Etta, & her thinking’s skewed because of it. When you meet her, you’ll need to give her time to grow on you (& ignore her language, please.) Etta is a patchwork of memory and emotion & it takes her longer to see things clearly. So it may take you longer to see Etta clearly, as well. Give her time. And I hope when you turn the last page & close the book you’ll be able to say, “O, Etta” ~ say it with affection for a woman who endured the unendurable and in her own way triumphed and with satisfaction for a story well told. Etta Capstone. Coming soon.

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  1. Ann says:

    We patiently await your newest book, Karen!

  2. Kathryn Wykhui says:

    Can’t wait!!

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