Not Your Mother’s Heroine

In my soon-to-be-released novel Magnificent Farewell you’ll meet a heroine (sort of a heroine. maybe. if you squint when you look at her) who is self-absorbed and unlikely to consider others’ needs above her own. Meg Pritchard has few of the finer qualities you find in the women of my Laramie Series, in Lou Caldecott Davis or Dr. Katherine Davis or Johanna Swan. Meg does not embrace hardship like Hope Birdwell or rise valiantly above great loss as Etta Capstone does. She doesn’t possess a drop of Dinah Hudson’s altruism, and she hasn’t any of the cheerful exuberance of the young Thea in Smiling at Heaven.  There is a woman in Magnificent Farewell who possesses many of the admirable qualities that match those previous heroines but it isn’t Meg. Meg is another kind of woman altogether.

Please go into Magnificent Farewell understanding that. If you keep that knowledge in the back of your mind, you’ll  appreciate the one truly sacrificial choice Meg eventually makes. She’s seldom acted against her own desires and even the smallest unselfish act should be recognized as a victory of sorts. Now, understand there’s nothing very grand about Meg’s choice. You might even read right through the moment without recognizing it because in the big picture of world wars, it’s a sacrifice on a very small scale. But Meg has to start somewhere, and doing the right thing when the wrong thing holds more personal gratification is her first step on the road to happiness. Meg’s idea of happiness, anyway, which she’ll get to in her own way and in her own time.

Much like you and my next book, I hope.

Magnificent Farewell. Coming soon.    

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  1. Marsha Kuykendall says:

    Have so enjoyed all your books Karen and am looking forward to the next.
    Marsha White Kuykendall

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