Amazon and Etta and Guns. O My.

With the most innocent of intentions, I decided to post an Amazon “click ad” for my novel “The Dangerous Thaw of Etta Capstone.” If you have an ereader, you know the kind of ad I mean. The full screen ad that appears & wants you to click on it so you can learn more about whatever the ad is hawking and ultimately (of course) buy that item. Amazon in its omniscient, self-satisfied way knows exactly what you’ve been browsing on their site. Knows, too, what you like to read, so any ad for Etta goes to readers who in the past showed an interest in the kind of book Etta is: adventure, Americana, western, historical romance. The best part is that I pay Amazon only when someone actually clicks on the ad. I’ve done it before, and it’s a cost-effective way to garner screen time and name recognition.

This time, though, I made a colossal and insensitive error in ethical judgment because here’s Amazon’s response to my ad:

Unfortunately, your ad campaign has not been approved to run on Kindle E-readers for the following reason(s):
This ad contains an image of a realistic firearm, or a firearm pointed at the reader or a character, or a firearm being used.

Whew! When I think of the mayhem and savagery Amazon avoided by refusing to show this cover on an ereader screen ~

The Dangerous Thaw of Etta Capstone by [Hasley, Karen J.]

~ I am limp with relief and gratitude.

Not really.

Amazon, get a grip. The vast majority of my generation who came of age in the 1950’s & 60’s managed to survive seeing Matt Dillon shoot a bad guy EVERY SINGLE WEEK of our young lives without experiencing a moment of paralyzing trauma because of it, either then or now.

And — trigger warning! ha! That was a cheap shot! ha again! (I can’t help myself. Sorry.) — every Saturday night many of us watched a show called “HAVE G-N — WILL TRAVEL”. (1957-1963) (Talk about a firearm “pointed at the reader”!)

Sadly, while I may forget to put water in the vase of flowers, I can still sing most of that show’s theme song. Yet somehow, I and kids like me managed to make it to our present advanced years without ever committing a violent act. (I don’t count spiders.)

If the sight of a book cover showing an old-timey six-shooter resting in a field of bluebonnets distresses someone, I’d venture to say that person needs more help than Amazon can offer.

“The Dangerous Thaw of Etta Capstone” is a fictional story that takes place in east Texas in the mid-1800’s and has as its hero a Texas Ranger. This may come as a shock, but my research showed that the Texas Rangers carried guns in the mid-1800’s. Check this out- (yowza! don’t cross these guys!)

group of Texas Rangers in 1880's /1890's
I’d guess that today’s fine law enforcement agency, still called the Texas Rangers, btw, may carry guns as they go about their business even now. Take a look at:                       

OK. Rant over. I feel better. I can go on. I will survive to write another day.

Thank you for your audience, friends, and enjoy your day.

(Since The Dangerous Thaw of Etta Capstone won’t be advertised on Amazon any time soon, please ask your ereading friends and acquaintances to head on over and buy a copy. And all of you could leave a review on Amazon expressing heartfelt admiration for the book’s cover. Just a thought.)




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4 Responses to Amazon and Etta and Guns. O My.

  1. This PC society in which we now live would deny persons and events that no longer comport with its own perverted views, developed over many decades. We cannot change the world by tearing down statues, rewriting history, changing holidays, renaming roads, etc. We are all products of those who went before us, and it is important to have some understanding of who they were, what life was like for them, and what they had to do to survive.
    It is absolutely ridiculous that Amazon would deem this book unacceptable because it dares to show a pistol on its cover. The vast majority of the American people are smarter than this. They do not need to run to safe spaces at the sight of a 19th century pistol. They recognize this as part of the times and welcome the knowledge, and pleasure, that comes with the opportunity to read a story like “Etta.”
    Sorry to see that Amazon has succumbed to a position that is supported by a misguided, but vocal, minority of Americans.

  2. Paula Buermele says:

    What would I do without Amazon serving as my conscience? Oh, I know – think for myself. I’m going to send Yosemite Sam after them. He’ll put things in proper context.

  3. Carol says:

    Oh my, How I loved that book Karen.

  4. Denise says:

    I loved the book also! (I’ve loved every one of Karen’s books) After reading Karen’s response to amazon makes me realize that we are kindred spirits. I really appreciate that kind of common sense and I grieve for the children growing up today. Hopefully our youth will read Karen’s and similar authors books .

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