The Last Crescendo

Thank you to all my readers, but a special note of appreciation to ‘Barbara,’ who contacted me through my website to say, “…what I enjoyed most was simply the musicality of your words. I hadn’t realized how much I’ve missed this. I have always been a voracious reader, but it’s been quite awhile since I found a writer with that innate ability to form their words into a rhythm and pattern … enjoying the sensation of the words as much as the story they convey.”

This is the first time anyone has commented on the cadence of my written words, and her perceptive comments were special to me because that’s what I look for when I read  – and that’s also how I write. From (literary) crescendo to (literary) crescendo, crescendo being a dramatic point in the plot line. In fact, there comes a time early on in a new book idea that I list all the crescendos in a column. My task then becomes to connect the crescendos in a sensible, legato way until I check off the last one on the list.

Which explains the title of this (all too infrequent) blog. Today, I am on to the last crescendo of my latest book, What We Carry With Us, the title taken from a quote by playwright Oscar Wilde: “Memory is the diary we all carry about with us.” Writing is a funny thing (odd funny, not ha-ha) and I struggled with the previous book I started, wrote and rewrote it, put it away and got it out again, all to no avail. It wouldn’t gel. I sighed deeply, apologized to the characters, and set the story aside. But in January of 2017, I ran across the Oscar Wilde quote, and for no reason I can articulate, the words gave me the idea for a new book. Now, not quite three months later, I’m almost done with its first draft. Who-o-o-o-sh!!

I hope to finish the final crescendo this week, add a coda, and then start the tedium of editing and editing and editing before I offer What We Carry With Us to you. I would be hard-pressed to explain how enjoyable it is when the end is in sight, the drama resolved, the characters settled, and the tale complete.

A ff thank you to all my readers; your patient allegiance means more than I can say.

Plan on a visit to (fictional) New Hope, Nebraska, this summer.

What We Carry With Us – available soon.



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3 Responses to The Last Crescendo

  1. Norma H Blank says:

    I am SO looking forward to reading your newest book! I love the title and knowing from where it was derived.

  2. Ann M Selbig says:

    Once again, Karen’s newest book is about to be “born”. I enjoy each book she writes for the very reasons the lady above articulated. The words are carefully chosen and woven to a complete a great story. Karen weaves together a well written story in a wonderfully captivating way. Your loyal readers can’t wait for a new book!

  3. Paula says:

    This is a great analogy and I am also eager to read your latest contribution to the literary works of our time.

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